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Who is a sadguru? – You all must have only read or heard about –
I am lucky to experience the presence of this divya (divine) guru in my life today.
He is known to all by the name Sudhir bhai – to me as my gurushree.
To move deep within – many past sanskars have to be cleared out;
The immensity of karmic impurities we carry within ourselves, through cycles of birth and rebirth; if not impossible; is extremely difficult and slow to be cleared away by ourselves in the regular methods we follow.
I have experienced; how with the right purification from a divya (divine) guru; the karmas of this life and past lives can be felt, accepted and understood in the right positive manner; in the least of time.
This also is possible after lifetimes of being born as a human; that there could be that collection of noble or pure deeds within my karmic cycles (prarabdh); that destiny took me to that soul energy who entered my life in the form of a divine guru; and who took my hand and handed me over to God-to ShreeNathji - Shree Krishn.
I have found, God is very close to us and He along with the divine guru finishes all karmic debts within us and thus the soul shines out in crystal clear purity.

   In my gurushree, Sudhir bhai I found the meaning I searched for. As he explained my difference in soul reality to me; it opened the past lives to me. He proved to my mind how I already was beyond regular worship; all it only required for me was to accept my truth consciously.

   He has always told me how he waits for true seekers; to his dismay there are very few who want God for Himself. There is always some outer greed in all prayers also.
   Yes; all who come to him with whatever level of requirement receive in the similar manner.
   He tells me I have been able to go so deep in devotions because of my search for truth. I have been able to keep total faith, despite every obstacle – hence the reward of closeness to ShreeNathji – Shree Krishn.

The quality of life and our inner thoughts and actions have deteriorated to an alarming extent. It becomes so easy to not remember the truth about our birth.
The required motivation and courage to stay stable on this journey towards one’s reality comes from God and the divine guru – the sadguru.
   The lifestyles today majority of us live; it is extremely easy to fall back into the mayic jungle. We also today have access to a lot of knowledge from innumerable sources; possibly all not authentic; because of the easy communication available in our times. The entire world is there for us with as many news and views. Our thoughts are affected by the media to a very large extent. Because of the alarmingly different thoughts bombarding us today, how can we decide what is true and important for us. The sifting of knowledge is extremely difficult, with many trying to catch attention in not all the right ways.

We could get totally confused and lose precious time in trying the extensive ways offered to us. Could become a mix (khichdi) of the wrong kind. We in our innocence having spent so much time doing various sadhanas (methods) wait for the right opening. We may just end up feeling very disillusioned.

There are too many preachers and spiritual leaders propagating various methods – in our greed for fast movement we might just lose precious time before realizing we have not reached anywhere. A little peace, slightly better health may have been achieved – no where near to your inner self.

Without the right understanding, though we spend hours praying; required purifications do not take place. All our innumerable methods of praying, meditations, scripture reading, chanting, satsangs, seva, yogic kriya; are only various methods used for our own purifications – not directly related with God.
We all know; without the right purity of – bhao, heart, mind, body, soul – it is impossible to be anywhere near the divine powers.
   If determination and commitment is placed only on God in one form, then He will undoubtedly take responsibility for you. When the time is right, He would be there to take care of further purifications.

We as normal humans have no insight to recognize the right form of guru; all one can do is pray in the right way, keeping total trust in the workings of God, and soon He will reward with the right guidance in the form of a guruthe divine spiritual guide who will find you.
   As this takes place; the deepest cleansing and karmic purifications happen through one who has already merged with the Divine. The Divine energy along with the Guru’s grace; help you to reach the final soul destination; experiencing sampoornta (total ness) within oneself. Our own reality unfolds from within.

But, and this is a very important But; the soul who stands behind you, showing you the way has to be already at the end of the road; the guru has to be a part of the Divine Himself.

This reality I have experienced under the guidance of my gurushree – Sudhir bhai; as he helped me in understandings and the required purifications.

   The value of the divine guru is that he teaches you through example – he lives his truth – in his life you are able to see all the various truths you may have read or heard from various spiritual sources. Our mind is also purified by this satsang (pure association). The required strength, courage, motivation to be able to stay stable in this inward journey is directly the grace of God and Guru. The guru is the total form of unconditional love.

All this I recount in my documentations as a book on God and Guru and the seeking Self or soul

   After all my experiences from the last nearly 13-14 years, I have realized the truth that God, Guru and Self are one; meaning that my devotion to Guru is also devotion to God as also to the Self within me.

My Divine Guru - Gurushree Sudhir bhai
My form of God - ShreeNathji, Shree Krishn
My Self – the seeker - Abha

   As you read, many times it may appear astonishing, what I write. My claims are true, the Presence of ShreeNathj - Shree Krishn very real and alive around us.

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Gurushree showed me how to act upon.
He himself is a living example of the Holy Gita in action.
I learnt to live my life on the highest truth –
“No matter what others say or think; if you are following the soul’s demands towards your God, move on, do not stop, only because some people do not have the right understandings”.
‘Kathan’ and ‘Karan’ merge in him; means, he actually follows what he preaches or teaches.
The truth about God; I have understood from him - The importance of bhakti and bhao in our prayers, as also the right purity in Mind, Body and Soul.
His egoless ness and total surrender to God – to Shreeji, is exemplary.

During this period several times I received this reaction from the mass of seekers who have a pre formed opinion of how everything should be; anything which seems different from how IT all should happen is criticized immediately, without true understanding.

I believe, as we move deeper in higher sattvikta, we should automatically become more open in our views.
   Unfortunately, there is a strong tendency among an average seeker that there cannot be any other truth except what they have read or heard according to their understanding from the holy books or scriptures or preachers and what they follow.
   Nothing wrong, except that same scriptures are thousand’s of years old and the rishis who wrote them were of the highest level in sattvikta. Today if we wish to follow them totally, first requirement would be to find a guru of that caliber who understands the particular scripture totally and then lives his life 100% on the truth as understood from the great words of the olden sattwik rishis.

   This is extremely tough in our present age, as all only preach through empty words. Who is there today who lives the truths of the great Ramayan or the Mahabharat, The Holy Gita, the great holy Ved Shastra, or the higher pure soul characters about which they tell you to follow?
   When the guru whom one follows, preaches certain truths about God and ourselves, and as also how we can reach to that particular spot, I strongly believe, that first he himself should become an example of what he is trying to give his disciples. He should be the motivation as living the truth in totality. Only then he can have the power to give, THAT, which TRANSFORMS. The transformative blessings only can come from one who is a living example of the reality which he tells you to follow.

   Too many words are not required, then, as too much talking can be only empty words. The required blessing, kripa is transferred in an instant without you even realizing it has happened; only the results are experienced.
   There is a teacher and there is a student, there is a guru and his disciple. A student or a disciple can be taught or can be transformed; it depends entirely on the quality of the teacher or the guru.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama