About the Author

In this book – Zero 2 Dot, the author has written about her journey towards Self-Actualization and Spiritual–Upliftment–and how I became the catalyst for this journey. Usually the reader is told only a few selected facts about the author and the distance therefore, remains great. I would like to shorten this distance so that you too would be able to see and experience her journey through her eyes; and so be able to understand the right meaning.

The Association with Abha goes way back to 1993, when she first visited my office. At that time she was just another client for me and I was her consultant. With passing time this association flourished into a Guru–Shishya relation.

What do we mean by Abha? Abha means–Lustrous beauty and she stands to her name. A radiant personality, she normally is silent, calm and not so out spoken. At the same time she cannot stand injustice done to any one. She is simple person with high spiritual values. One of her habits is asking too many questions which though makes me mad at times; I know is because of her great urge for attaining knowledge. She had always felt about her life having a beautiful cast, though she was not able to figure out the plot. It was this thirst for knowledge that made her realize the truth.

She does not blindly follow what the crowd does or believes in. She goes to the depth of every subject and only when the correct meaning is understood does she accept. Because of this part of her nature many people tend to perceive wrongly about her personality. But the truth is different, as some people have realized too.

Many books have been published which are only full of theoretical knowledge. All of these books have a similar frame structure and speak the same things. Abha has tried to show case not the theory, but its implication in life and out come. Through this book she has tried to change the way people think towards certain issues.

I assure you, after reading this book, you are bound to develop a different perspective of looking at some things and which in turn would be a help to you.

My slogan is –
                          Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh.
This means –
                          Time + Understanding + Situation = Satisfaction.

The Correct time has arrived, the understanding has reached its peak, a situation has occurred, and a summation of these has given the desired satisfaction.

Abha is not a professional writer but has made an innocent effort in presenting her experiences through her most cherished years before you. Do respect her feelings as expressed in this book and try to perceive all in the same manner as that of the author.
All my blessing to you Abha and I can truly say that in today’s world you are truly Krishn’s Radha.

Jai Shree Krishn

Dr. Sudhir Shah
7th April 2006