About the Book

This writing is not merely a book; it is documentation by month and year; at times daily. It contains my experiences as a witness, from the last 12-13 years; which would mean – ‘being in the moment’; a document of moment to moment divine experiences.

At this moment I have the answer to the eternal question; “Who am I”, the reality we all search for. This documentation is a blessing from ShreeNathji-Shree Krishn; to awaken your Inner Self. This could maybe, be a push for you into the beginning of your own inner journey. Who knows? In the process of reading the book, you might be lucky enough to experience the inner awakening –

The book talks about the experiences I had when on this journey to the inner Dot.
The Dot is where the soul reality unfolds itself.
It is where the Divine entered my life – my heart – my mind – my body – my soul.
This experiencing of the Dot in my life, has been under the guidance of my
Gurushree –Shri Sudhir bhai and Divine ShreeNathji, who accepted to be my MahaGurushree.

This journal is the real mix of Science and the Divine in spirituality as experienced by me;
For you;
Is all ready to know and understand in one book—
How the Divine Dimensions opened for me
A very fast and new method developed by gurushree Sudhir bhai.
The perfect combination of Y+P+C –
Along with close experiences of Divine Shreeji-ShreeKrishn in bhao-bhakti.

How have I found - What have I found

Which gives me total shanti (peace), anand (joy), divya masti (bliss), khushi (happiness), santosh (satisfaction).

This connection between man and God is possible only through total shraddha, faith, aastha.
Through the total surrender of my ego:
I have felt the Presence of the Divine very close to me.

This divya-divine guru entered my life in the form of gurushree, Sudhir bhai.
Faith in the working of God and Intelligence helped me see the light of my soul. Through the kripa of gurushree as the divine flow entered, I realized that the lack which I experienced day in and day out all through my life was for this divine connection.

This inner pull continued strongly, at times forcing me to question God and myself – If this inner reality is important, then what about my present reality? Should I leave all my present karma reality and go after this inner call?
A few years back I understood that this was the voice of my soul, which continuously tried to make me aware of my inner reality, asking me to wake up to myself.
Being very involved in family and society, though I always put aside this other, inner call of the soul; it gave rise to a lot of emptiness and some questioning.
“Why am I not able to move deeper from the outer maya, to my inner dimensions”?
At such moments I would also complain to God in frustration -“If You want me to move towards my soul awareness, why did You put me in such responsibility ridden situations”. “Would it be right to give up my present situation and walk towards my true inner identity”?
The Holy Gita also tells us – “Wherever one has been placed in the present is all due to the past karmic Len-Den (give and take)
The sacred words of Lord Krishn do not permit any soul to move away from their present karmic situations. Later I understood this deeply from my gurushree; who is a living example of the Holy Gita. ‘How to live in this world totally and yet remain a witness to all. Renunciation is only of results of all actions; actions which have to be performed to the best and together with the results offered at the feet of the Divine’.

There were moments when I also felt this severe clash of identities.
“Who am I”.
What does my heart actually long for?

How this book came to be written

“All answers I received when the time was right”.
These answers and the related experiences form the back bone of my book.
The remarkable anubhuties that I have been a part of, were profound; with my gurushree’s and ShreeNathji Baba’s inspiration; I have managed to put in a book form.
They are genuine and expressed only with the intention of providing the right motivation for other souls, seeking some answers.

As I went deeper in meditations and encountered the Divine flow within; did I understand that this was the actual lack which I felt – what I longed for, was the Divine; I wrongly searched for satisfaction in the outer dimensions.
All ways of worship, I realized did not work to take us directly to God. Most were for routine peace or fulfillment of the outer desires. I found them unfulfilling for me.
This all consuming thirst for some deeper connections, gave rise to extreme loneliness and I found myself empty even after trying to move along the accepted ways of prayer and religion. To my dismay, I always ended in questioning to what all were doing. Somewhere I could feel it was not right for me. I needed much, much more - in depth and purity. In my own ways I thought that everything done in the name of religion was for some outer achievements. This vacuum and limitless thirst I felt all the time. I did not voice my thoughts or longings, as I never felt I would be able to express it rightly, then. Also, I lacked the confidence to be able to say what I felt true. So most of the times, just kept quiet.

At times felt very disillusioned by the hypocrisies around everywhere. I moved away from a lot of people and situations. I could not explain my mind to anyone as I myself did not know what was happening – what was I searching all the time; what type of emptiness covered my mind, body and soul.

The first ray of light came in the form of gurushree, Sudhir bhai, who explained myself to me. He cleared all my negativities in totality, and provided the right answers, which has taken nearly 12 years.
From day one he knew what my search was; as time passed I came to many understandings. He knew the difference in my soul qualities and helped me to understand and clear the emptiness and restlessness with awareness.

In this book, I describe this journey with my gurushree Sudhir bhai, how he opened the divine dimensions for me. As time passed and positive ness entered, negative karmas cut off; I was able to understand what my search was for. It was for this divine connection that my soul yearned. As I entered deeper, the shanti and the anand increased and for the first time in this lifetime I felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction and bliss.

I have tried here in this book, to say it all in my words - my experience; on how many blocks and obstacles can try to force a true seeker to change decisions. A very firm mind is required, as after crossing a certain height; I now know with experience, no one seems to understand what I explain. Experiencing it personally, under the guidance of gurushree, I understood directly the realities in my life.

It is because the realities about God are different than what we may have been led to believe. It is always the herd mentality. There are religious leaders trying to teach and explain the truth without having experienced it in their lives.
This difference in beliefs and devotion as explained by my gurushree, I could follow easily; and this explaining and experiencing cleared the lack and emptiness felt by me all through my entire life.

The book Zero 2 Dot, talks about what I have learnt from my gurushree. It is not intended to preach or teach any rituals, nor give knowledge on scriptures. All these are found everywhere around. What I have tried to present in a very simple manner are my anubhuties - experiences.
After reading, listening, and understanding – I have ‘acted upon’ what is required in this inward journey. This is called doing “acharan” after the initial “smaran” and “manan”.
This book is documentation on this inner journey to the Truth – only the “Absolute Truth”.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama