The Journey from Lowest to Highest

As Gurushree; Sudhir Bhai says~
The “Zero” is the outermost dimension - Our material magic world; Where our entire lifetimes are spent moving round and round without experiencing any lasting joy or peace for ourselves. We tend to move around the circumference looking for “That”
something which is to be found only at the “DOT”.
This Dot is the inner most point in our lives fo the outer circle of maya; it is a point where everything comes to a stop.
The DOT ~ The BINDU  is where everything melts the Soul melts, Ego melts
Then there is “Sampoorn Samarpan” - “Total Realization”.
This Awastha is also known as “Premanand”
This the point where one totally melts into-
The Divine- the Super Soul - the Super consciousness
. The Dot Is -
Krishna Center
Total Shanti
Premanand - Divine - Love - Consciousness.
This experiencing of the DOT took 12 years of my purification in M
deaning out of all sanskar of past births;
and the highest Faith, Shraddha, Aastha - Total Surrender of my Ego.

As my Gurushree says,
“Only one in crores, does manage to reach this point”.
He always said “Your soul is different”

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama